islan šipan - the green and blue oasis of peace

On the South of the Dalmatia, just before the City of Dubrovnik, near the Venice, the most beautiful and most preserved Mediterranean city, there is group of islands that thrill many visitors from all around the world with its beauty and harmony.

Those beautiful Dubrovnik islands are called Elafit Islands. The greatest and the most beautiful of them is the Island Šipan.

Mild climate, rich Mediterranean vegetation of intact natural attractions, harmonious stone architecture, enriched with the several centuries old cultural tradition of 42 old villas and 34 churches makes the Island Šipan the place for a dream resort.

There are two places on the Island. On the West, there is a place Šipanska Luka and on the East side there is a place Suđurađ. The arrivals:

  • By plane on the international Dubrovnik Airport or by ship from Dubrovnik to Island Šipan. The ship leaves the harbour several times a day.
  • By car to Dubrovnik and than by ferry from Dubrovnik to Island Šipan.